Bourg d'Aste vu d'Estéret


Area of summer pastures with the ‘Port’ (path to the high mountain) and its barns …

The walk to Port d’Aste will make you discover the splendid panorama over the bottom of the valley and the Peak. In the village, you will note on the façade of the townhall the symbol of the valley: the bear (from which Ossau might originate from) and the cow, symbol of the pastoral world.

Béon depuis le pont


The area is an old seigneury of the viscountcy of Béarn.  Do not miss in the church, the altarpiece and the paintings. Overlooking the village, the ‘Pène de Béon’ shelters in its crevices, griffon and Egyptian vultures which can sometime be seen wheeling in the sky.

The museum of the “Falaise aux Vautours” (vultures’ cliff) is dedicated to these previously endangered birds of prey who are now protected.

Falaise aux Vautours
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City Hall
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