Plaques and architectural ornaments of the façades of houses

Between the 16th and the 19th centuries, façades are adorned with sculptures engraved in stone, wood and marble (the Ossau marble is in fact very reknown and was used for the building of numerous monuments in Paris). All these ornaments (dates, initials, sentences) represent as many beliefs and symbols of prosperity and fertility as owners and stonemasons wanted to express … Interpretation tour of the heritage in Béost and discovery path in Arudy.

linteau Louvie Soubiron
Saint-Jacque de Compostelle

Fountains, wash houses and drinking troughs …

Crafted differently in stone or in marble of the Ossau valley, they remind us that water is an important feature of the local economic (and social) life. Buzy has 7 wash houses – drinking troughs spread according to the areas of the village. In Bielle, the fountain work running alongside the stream is more and more crafted as we approach the village.

The Belle Epoque architecture of the hydrotherapy centres

The buildings, gardens and walks designed in the 19th century are a reminder of the splendour of the Romantic era when painters, writers, kings and queens used to come to be treated in the hydrotherapy centres of the Ossau valley.

station thermale pyrenees

Churches and chapels

patrimoine architectural pyreneespatrimoine-architectural-pyrenees_2patrimoine architectural pyrenees