Medium Mountain Plateaux

Plateau of Bénou (alt. 860 m)

High place of Ossau pastoralism with its numerous herds and shepherds’ huts. Very nice panorama on the surrounding massifs. Rambling circuits. Horse-ridding. Itineraries for mountain bikes. Picnic tables …

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plateaux pyreneens
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Port of Aste (alt. 1030 m)

A hiking itinerary (from Aste) will lead you to the barns area and a group of old houses, bearing witness of an intensive pastoral activity.

Massif of Lazerque (alt. max 1440 m)

The top of the massif offers superb perspectives on the plain and the piedmont. Access by car from Arudy up to the Laüs hut then continue by foot or by mountain bike following the forest track.

Altitude Plateaux

Plateau of Anéou (Altitude 1700 m)

This is the last pastoral plateau within the National Park before reaching Spain. Panoramic views. Walks and hikes. Snow sports in the Winter. Nearby (Valley of Brousset): cross-country skiing and walks with snowshoes in Pont de Camps.

plateau d'Anéou

Plateau of Gourzy (alt. 1600 m)

Superb panoramic views. Stage of the hiking tour of the Ossau valley. Start : Laruns.

Steep climb!

Vallon of Soussouéou (alt. 1400 m)

Beautiful wild plateau. National Park hiking circuit.