Vultures’ cliff (Aste-Béon)

Vautour Fauve
Espace muséographique

At the bottom of the cliffs situated in Aste Béon, the Vultures’ cliff is an unusual museum area … Thanks to cameras located near the nests on the cliff, come and observe live griffon vultures and Egyptian vultures in the wild.

A guide moves the cameras and comments these fascinating images.

A recreational and educational course awaits you too. Over 372 m² and twelve rooms, you will discover what life in the mountains really is like, this territory shared by shepherds and birds of prey.

Information & bookings :

La Falaise aux Vautours – Bourg de Béon – 64 260 Aste-Béon
Tel. +33.5 59 82 65 49 – Fax +33.5 59 82 65 65
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Museum of Arudy

Maison d'Ossau
Musée d'Arudy

Permanent exhibition on the Pyrenees National Park, local an regional archaeology, exhibition of marble and quarry stone from the Ossau valley, history of the valley and pastoralism.

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Information :
Musée d’Arudy – Rue de l’église – 64 260 Arudy Tel. +33.5 59 05 61 71

Honey house of the Green Mountain

Miellerie de la montagne verte

The beekeeper will present the life of bees to you as well as the good mountain honeys : limetree, rhododendron, all-flower and heather as well as pollen and gingerbread cooked on the premises.

Information :

Miellerie de la Montagne Verte – Quartier Aas – 64 440 Eaux-Bonnes
Tel./Fax  +33.5 59 05 34 94

Visit of the castle and church of Béost

Visit of the 15th – century church, of the castle, stage for the pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela on the route from the piedmont in Arles to Compostela through the Ossau valley. Free visit.

Information :
Association Los Auzelets – 64 440 Béost
Tel. +33.5 59 05 30 99

Tales in Ossau

Tales for groups (children,adults) : ‘Tales and legends in the Ossau valley’ collected from the lips of the elders … ‘And slowly, the she-bear stood up’, real life encounters with the wild fauna of the National Park …

Information :

Daboecia (Louis Espinassous) – 64 260 Buzy Tel. +33.5 59 21 03 93

Discovery footpaths in Arudy

A signposted circuit takes you to the discovery of the heritage of Arudy, stone basin and area of life …
Short walks will make you discover different aspects of Arudy: Ossau habitat and urban architecture.
Brochures available at the Tourist Information Office in Arudy.

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Information :

Brochures available at the Tourist Information Office in Arudy.  Tel. +33.5 59 05 77 11
Maison d’Ossau – Musée du parc National Tel. +33.5 59 05 61 71


Heritage interpretation course in Béost

Signs on the façades of Béost and Bagès decipher the inscriptions appearing on the lintels above the doors. An unusual way of discovering this Ossau village. Free circuit.

Start : car park at the entance of the village (after the campsite). Access to Bagès by the signposted circuit “promenade des 3 villages”.