Sports activities

ossau des petits

In the Ossau valley, children can practice all sorts of sports or leisure activities …

From rambling or pony trekking (horse, donkey) to boat rides (lake of Castet), BDD (Descent bike in Artouste-Fabrèges) or the acrobatic course in the forest (Eaux-Bonnes), there are activities for everyone!

… And, in the Winter, skiing and snow-related activities in ski schools … toboggan and snowfights!

Walks in natural sites :

– Artouste little train
– The natural area of the lake of Castet

Museums and discovery of the environment :
– Museum of the Vultures’ cliff in Aste-Béon
– Museum in Arudy
– House of the Pyrenees National Park in Laruns
– Educational and equestrian farm of “La Ramière” in Sainte-Colome
– Toys and small wooden furniture in Eaux-Bonnes

Tastings :

– Green mountain honey house in Aas
– Sources fish farm in Laruns
– Cheeses from all the good local cheesemakers
– Tasty picking of red berries (strawberries, blueberries …) at the “Jardin d’Ossau” in Buz

Ossau des petits

Meetings and stays

– Nature discovery stays in July and August in Haut-Béarn (association “Education Environnement” in Buzy)

– Educational and equestrian farm of “La Ramière” in Sainte-Colome

– Shows presenting tales (groups only) at Louis Espinassous’s in Buzy

Recreational centres

Summer season: crèche for 3-month to 3-year olds and recreational centre for 4 -12-year-olds.
Registration for half-days or full days with meal. Indoor and outdoor activities plus 2 outings per week.
Information : Tel. +33.5 59 05 14 76
Winter season : crèche and part-time centre for 3-month to 4-year olds. Meal not supplied. Skiing lessons and children’s club for 3 to 5-year olds.
Information :
French ski school: Tel. +33.5 59 05 10 20
International ski school: Tel. +33.5 59 05 10 07

In July and August: recreational centre for 4 -12-year olds. Registration for half-days or full days.
Information :
Townhall of Laruns (Tel. +33.5 59 05 32 15), Point Info Montagne (Tel. +33.5 59 05 48 94)

Boule de neige


For the Ossau valley, a list of qualified childminders is available all year round.

Information :

6 rue des Pyrénées – 64800 Nay
Tel. +33.5 59 92 96 93

Sports facilities

– Town swimming pools: Arudy (in Summer, lido), Laruns (all year, covered swimming pool and lido)

– Tennis : Artouste-Fabrèges, Arudy, Buzy, Eaux-Bonnes, Gourette, Laruns

– Volleyball pitch : Artouste-Fabrèges

– Rock climbing walls : Arudy, Eaux-Bonnes, Gourette, Laruns

– Pelota courts : Arudy, Bilhères, Eaux-Bonnes, Laruns

– Health trails : Arudy, Eaux-Bonnes, Gourette

– Orientateering course : Bilhères (plateau of Bénou)

– Table tennis : Fabrèges

– Skateboarding/Rollerskating : Arudy, Buzy, Laruns

And also …

– Cinemas : Arudy, Laruns

– Libraries : Arudy, Artouste-Fabrèges, Laruns

– Cyberbases : Arudy, Laruns

– Natural area of the lake of Castet

– Public parks in Arudy, Laruns, Eaux-Bonnes

– Place du Prat in Buzy